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a community for sock fans

Socks Fun!
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All Members , Moderated
In the wake of the SocksAreFun Communities untimely demise, I bring you a new place to continue sharing the sock love.

We are looking for members who will post pictures of them in their socks or anything else sock related.
This is NOT a place for Porn, but a place to share pictures and talk with other people who love collecting and wearing socks or just enjoy looking.

Please do not post pictures that do not belong to you. Tasteful nudity should remain behind a cut with a warning for 18+. We want this place to be an outlet for sock fans of all ages.

Do post art work, share pictures and links, and just plain talk about socks.

And most importantly, remember to be kind and respectful when you post or comment in this community.

SPREAD THE WORD, and help make Socks_Fun a happy and sucessful community for Sock Fans everywhere!!